I am still alive, I have moved house AGAIN and am settling in well. Still feel a bit like I'm on a self catering holiday with the housemates. The housemates are Dorothy and Brian, a married American couple who I've been working on the Arts Market with since April. We get on pretty well and will be doing some projects together. The house is big enough so that we can all have our own space. The FB is settling in well although she still gets a bit of anxiety if I go out.

I have enough money to get a second hand mobility scooter without a warranty so I am looking into that now, although decent ones that can manage the steep and hilly terrain here are far from ten a penny. I also need a canopy for the foul weather - something I've seen more of living in this part of England than I ever saw in Edinburgh - I can't afford one just now though so when I get my scooter I'll be confined to indoors unless it's nice out.

BT made a screw up with the switch over of my phone lines, so my broadband has been delayed. Yup, I'm updating via dial-up. Virtually nothing will load properly and everything takes an age to do! I'm hoping I'll have my set up stuff in the next couple of days so that I can get on with the huge pile of work I have fallen behind with.

I haven't been taking pictures because the house isn't fully set up the way I want it to be and I haven't any money to get the things I'd like to make the place more like home.

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Yes, Jane. Thank you, it arrived in the post today. Thanks for the photos of the spread, too. It all makes sense to me, too. I guess I should post more so that you can see how things are going and compare it to your reading :)

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Feedback is always nice as is finding out how you are getting on, but don't feel you have to post just for me!


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