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([personal profile] ebony_dawn Dec. 8th, 2008 12:53 pm)
Hey people (Well, anyone out there actually still reading these days - I was away for having no internet access and have been stressed, and juggling very ill and busy! I'm sorry! Or maybe I did something else wrong?)

Hope you're all getting sorted for the festive season. If anyone ready my last post you'll know that myself and most of my friends are having a seriously barren Christmas due to the lack of cash. I did manage to buy a pair of shoes for that poor starving artist guy so he'll have dry feet now! I'll be eating my frozeries stock for the rest of the week though!
In light of this, no Christmas cards will be going out to anyone. Apologies again for anyone expecting cards, but when I'm surrounded by people who can't afford to feed themselves or afford just one set of weatherproof clothes because the system let them down, I can't justify it. I'd rather go without myself for putting what little I have into something worthwhile and in my world right now, sending Christmas cards doesn't rate at all on the list of things that must be done.

I know cards can bring smiles but the cost per pack of cards is a meal to some of these people. I know I can't help everyone, hell, I can't even pay my bills, but I'm not going to be wasteful here. Most of you will be having some kind of Christmas dinner with gifts etc in a warm, decorated home somewhere (and good for you if you have that! you probably worked very hard for the priveledge!) surrounded by bits of colourful card that won't even be recycled and will end up in the bin.

Oops, I've ranted a bit - sorry! (nobody is reading anyway! lol!) All I basically wanted to say was that I'm not sending any cards and tell you why!

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I'm reading! Actually I read your last entry but couldn't reply as it was via my mobile and for some reason if I try and reply on any posts it all goes pear shaped. Glad you've been out and about on your new motor, I was wondering how that was going (and once you get your waterproofs you'll get some more freedom).

In response to this post: I don't do cards anyway, so no worries from me.
Although, as a break from the norm, I have for the very first time put up a christmas tree this year. I think it might be to do with a certain two young kids that have come into my life ;)

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Still reading, wouldn't expect a card anyway, and I prefer to send my good wishes to anyone who reads my LJ with a silly picture of my cats accompanied by a LOLcaption. Which will probably be going up sometime around the weekend.

I hope that you have as good a Christmas as possible, that you settle comfortably into your new home and that 2009 is a much, much better year for you than 2008 was.

From: [identity profile] ophelia-complex.livejournal.com

I really wouldn't worry about the cards here. I seriously doubt most people on your flist are that into trad xmas greetings that they would expect a card or even go as far as being pissed off if they didn't get one.

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From: [identity profile] strangelover.livejournal.com

Still reading, I just suck at communication these days.

I realise that some people find christmas important, for varying reasons and while a card may say "I'm thinking of you", so does an email, minus dead trees.

Hope you and the FB are settling in well to the new home and your christmas is as merry as possible, given the situation.

From: [identity profile] ammos.livejournal.com

Still reading. Just been hellishly busy doig assignments for uni and getting ready then flying out to Germany to spend time with hubby. Pretty much noones getting cards this year from me either. Too little money and I didn't get round to organising anything before I got to Germany.

Glad you can get out some of the time. Hope you're not putting yourself under too much strain trying to help everyone when I know you're struggling.

From: [identity profile] ishkhara.livejournal.com

You know me, honey - I don't send cards these days. I do feel that, for the money that goes into them, they're a waste of cash. I'll be making my usual donation to charity instead (if I can afford it!). :)

From: [identity profile] xenarachne.livejournal.com

Aye some folk are reading, and yer still talkin' sense! :D

From: [identity profile] drfairlyevil.livejournal.com

Christmas cards are plain daft. It is far better than you do things which are immediately constructive.

From: [identity profile] magent.livejournal.com

Still reading :) And I don't see a problem with not sending cards.

From: [identity profile] faerycake.livejournal.com

Yeah, we're not doing cards or presents even within the family and stuff. My Mum and Grandma don't want to at all, which takes a little pressure off me to be honest!

A lot of our friends are really skint too, so we're going to try and be festive in other ways.

We've decided if we want things to be Christmassy, we can cook Christmassy food. If we collaborate with people it works out cheaper and is more fun anyway. That way, at least people get full bellies and the chance to spend time with each other.

My partner and I have even decided not to get anything for each other.

The only thing I'm worried about, is that I've already had a couple of texts off people asking for my address to send cards and stuff. I'm hoping that people will understand though!

From: [identity profile] mid-night-glory.livejournal.com

I'm still reading as well.
Hope things get to smooth soon!

From: [identity profile] helygen.livejournal.com

I'm reading, but struggling to keep up with my F-list hence the appalling lack of commenting (not just here, everywhere).

If you're not averse to receiving a card, I'd love to send one if you'd let me have your address x

From: [identity profile] luckylove.livejournal.com


I'm probably not doing postal cards this year either. There are a couple of exceptions like my family in Sheffield but the card'll be going with their present so that's alright.

Can you email me your address in case I change my mind?

From: [identity profile] henwyn.livejournal.com

I'm still reading just not been replying to anything - be it emails, LJ or bebo. I would currently like to hibernate over the winter months. I make and send cards but mainly to the family but I don't expect to get ones back. But while we are on the subject of cards I've been meaning to ask you for your new address so I can update my address book.