Today was a housebound day. Cannae walk. Meh

British Gas have been hounding me for money I don't have. I told them the CAB will be dealing with it but they still continue to call me 4 times a day with silent calls followed by one auto-call that tells you to call them back. I've been so stressed I've been harming again. I have all the phones in the house swithced off now. you call, I'll get back to you if you leave a message when I'm eventually brave enough to check messages.
The CAB are threatening British Gas with legal action for harassment because they have been informed that their tactics are causing me great distress and yet still they say that even if some payment plan for my final bill from the last place is put in place, the daily calls will continue until the full balance is paid.

I had a visit from my CPN today who is sending me off to see some super-shrink for scrutiny. This is in January. Meh.
My CPN is a bit worried that the system has left me on Reduced Rate Income Support (£44.80 pw) for five months (will deffo be 6 but is looking like 7) saying that usually these things are dealt with within a three month period. She's chasing the CAB appeal specialist to get them to chase a Tribunal date for me - that's right, I still don't have one. My housemates are making up the shortfall in my rent. The reason I moved was because I thought a cheaper rent would help but no. I'm told a further claim for DHP would not be awarded, so if I were living with strangers, I'd be on the streets.
So, here I am with a useless body and a head fried beyond repair, on the verge of starving in order to meet existing bills and feed my cat. It was only yesterday I had someone ranting at me for fleecing the system, telling me that people like me get way too much and I was obviously healthy and lying like the rest of the leeches and should get a job. I was equated with one of the street alcoholics. Does anyone else share that opinion?

I gave my wee starving artist friend (he lives in a tent and is another one the system destroyed) his new boots and he's over the moon. Now he doesn't have to have wet feet all the time. He's coming to our place on Christmas Day to get fed. I'm a bit worried about his health right now so we will hopefully talk him into going back to the doctor if he's not already done so after our badgering. We also have another stray coming on the day and are waiting to hear from a couple more.

It's a horrible time of year for people in some circumstances and we're not celebrating Christmas as much as making sure some vulnerable people aren't left alone with their thoughts on a day when the rest of the world shoves a bunch of money fuelled, tinsel covered crap down their throats.
My CPN is on emergency call out over the period, as are most of her team. The suicide rate rockets about now, as does the number of calls to the emergency helpline.

I'm sorry, but I'm not really in a good place for sharing in the Christmas fluffiness.
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