It's solstice, a big day in Glastonbury so I extend solstice blessing to you all.
Everything here feels oddly calm here despite the fact I'm wiped out and in pain to the extent I'm just numb. Running on fumes.
I'm watching loads of people with bags full of Christmas shopping and although it isn't everything, I wish I could afford to participate in that whole gift buying ritual. It makes me a bit sad that I can't. At least I get to help a few more people out on the day.
I recorded Gremlins last night, that should make it all better *nodnod*

Thanks for the cards so far guys, I've also got stuff to pick up from the postal depot tomorrow.
Also, I'll check my landline messages tonight. All the ringers are off except one that has no "off" and is down to the lowest volume. My housemates have told me the phone has been ringing. I haven't been brave enough to check the messages for the last few days. The 4-5 calls a day from British Gas will probably mean at least 20 silent messages from them and a few asking me to call them back and give them money. However, I know that amongst these are a few from friends. I will get on it soon, promise.
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