So, Thursday was ok, my housemates insist on doing the whole gift opening thing with everything boxed up so you can't guess what it is etc.
It was kinda nice but very odd for me given I've spent my last few December 25ths with just my Fluffy Baby Skitzocat.

We had 5 folk round who don't usually do Christmas because of the awful things that have happened to them on or around that day and the fact that everyone is so utterly skint they don't usually manage to eat or pay their bills. They're stuggling worse than we are and that's saying something. However, we had a good feed and managed to have a nice day and forget about how crap life is being to us all right now. It was nice to see them all having a laugh. My fridge magnets (loads of cats, spiders, a few other fluffy ones and a load of glow-in-the-dark letters) were an endless source of amusement for some reason.

I was devastated at one point because my Skitzocat had a bit of a turn where her back legs seemed to have gone. She has been contorting a bit with her overgrooming so we think she just stretched one of her back legs a bit too far and got a muscle pull/cramp as she was falling over on one side. Of course, the first thing I did was panic because I haven't seen her like that before. She has a ravenous appetite as usual and her coat is shiny and she still leaps about everywhere so she's ok. I just completely freaked and was sobbing uncontrollably. Have I mentioned that he FB is my life? She's what's kept me goimng through everything, if it wasn't for her, I'd have given up on living so many times. I have to remember she's about 14 now though, not a kitten anymore. And like older people, she will get stiff and find it harder to get around.

So today, I come into town and immediately met a friend who rescued an abused 12 week old puppy, cigarette burns on his wee paws. She's kept him with her dog and three cats over the festive period, but it's going to the animal sanctuary tomorrow if it can't be rehomed. My housemates have been asking if they could have a dog for ages but I've said not until Skitzocat gets settled more. She's started warming to them at last but I still worry. However seeing as this wee thing is only 12 weeks, it's young enough to train and get used to Skitozocat. We can't really afford another mouth to feed...but....
I'm wondering if taking the puppy in would give Skitzo a new lease of life? Maybe once she gets used to it, she'll want to mother it? Maybe they'll play? Anyway, long and short is that I called the housemates and asked what they thought, knowing full well they'd flip in a positive way. We're meeting the pup later today, I'm meeting it before they come down though. I really want to be able to re-home the wee thing but I still have that reservation about it because of the Skitzocat being a grumpy old lady who hasn't been in good health.

Thoughts anyone?

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I'm still seeing red over the 'cigarette burns on paws' line. How the hell could anyone do that to a defenceless little puppy?! Grrrrr!!

It's up to you if you decide to take the lil' pup on board as long as you're sure your cat won't get horribly jealous and attack it...

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I'll need to make sure she's got all the attention from me she usually gets and I'm sure my housemates will take the wee pup on 100% They miss their dogs from back home so much and have been at me to get a dog for ages.

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Not wanting to put a damper on things, but you're already struggling financially as it is - taking on a dog means a huge expense and I worry that it may prove to be too much. :/

Aside from that, I wonder how the fuck these 'people' live if they can burn a tiny puppy with cigarettes. Sick bastards. >:(

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The expense will be on the housemates, they want a dog and I've said to them it will be their responsibility and they are excited as hell, they are 46 & 50 years old and pretty responsible so I reckon we'll be OK.
The FB is my responsibility and she'll have the run of the whole house still, whereas the pup will be confined to downstairs. Our house is HUGE though, with gardens round three sides. I must take pictures at some point.

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Cool. As long as they are happy to take that on then I guess it'll be nice to have a puppy running around. :)

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I would echo what others have said, just make sure your housemates know that you can't contribute financially or walk the dog etc.

It's unlikely that schizo will be perturbed by the dog, although the dog may learn the hard way to leave her alone :).

One thing - if the dog can get at schizo's litter tray it may spread the contents everywhere....

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Luckily her litter tray is one of the covered ones, I am a bit worried about the dog eating her food though. Dogs tend to eat their meal in one sitting (at least all my old dogs did, bar one) whereas Skitzocat goes back to her bowl when she's hungry.

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We had this problem with Pebbles scarfing everything in sight immediately, and Sukey doing as you describe Schizo. We have solved it by having the bowls in 2 different locations, and Pebbles knows she's not allowed in the kitchen when Sukey's bowl is. We also shut the kitchen door.

Your flatmates might want to get one of those baby gates for the stairs to keep the dog downstairs, in which case schizo's bowl could be moved upstairs? If there's carpet, some of that plastic carpet protector will do the trick, they will probably need to get floor protector for under the dog's bowl anyway.

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i doubt she will be very happy with the addition, but cats adjust. at least mine always did. granted it was always just other cats they had to get used to. *shrug*

its not like she wont have her own space - ie the upstairs.

g/l! :)

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Yes - it is entirely doable, and easier with a puppy.

I brought home a 4 year old Collie Dog from a rescue centre back in February, and introduced him to my 2 3ish year old cats. There was a little tension at first, and the dog did get slightly injured, but now they are all friends. You need to ensure there is a load of supervision at first before even thinking of leaving them alone together in the house though. Baby gates are great for this - you can leave enough space for a cat to get through but not a dog, so the pup is locked in a room which the cat can go into and investigate this new addition, but can easilly escape.

Slowly slowly is how it's done though, and once they get along it's ace.

Plus giving an abused animal a loving home is always the best thing to do.

Oh aye - on the expense thing - my cats cost more to feed than the dog! Dogs tend to be less fussy see - so whilst the cats are on sodding expensive food, he is happy with supermarket own brand stuff! So long as it has the right nutrients to keep him healthy I am happy enough ;-)

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Cigarette burns?? Some people!

It's easier to feed a dog on leftovers so that might help with the cost of food. Also it might be worth checking if there's a PDSA near you or similar - Animal Rescue might be able to suggest somewhere.