How Embarrassing!

Idiot technophobes. You know, out of the whole town, there are (according to the group themselves) 164 anti wi-fi people, and the majority of them are so airy fairy and easily lead, have done zero reserarch, they don't actually know what it is they are protesting against.

I know the bloke who makes the Orgone Generators - he's making a killing.

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Let's ignore the fact that we're being bombarded by millions of electromagnetic rays every second from such inconspicuous sources as the sun (a major one this!), the ground, the fireplace, the bedside lamp, radar, the granite in your walls, your computer screens, the electricity in your cables, your telephone (mobile and plumbed in), your speakers, your kettle, your microwave. Some are unnatural sources, but many are natural.

But no, it's wi-fi that's causing the problem. And homeopathy is an amazing science that the medical fraternity are just too stupid to recognise.

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There was a Hawkwind song called Orgone Accumulator... but I suspect he's not selling their back-catalogue...


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