Hmm, it's another year.
I've been sick.
I've been stressing.
I've been dealing with various traumas.

I didn't forget all the stuff everyone else was dealing with between the fully stocked freezer breaking down and the burst pipe in the upstairs bathroom or losing my first possible paying job of the year. My thoughts were in fact out there with some of you, still are.

I do however get cross-examined by the Tribunal next Thursday - I still haven't had my letter, effectively giving me ZERO notice. I found out because one of the blokes at the CAB called to tell me. I've got a half hour window to meet him and do prep tomorrow morning. My CPN is away on holiday and doesn't return until the day before. I'm seeing another medical consultant on the same day...AFTER the damn Tribunal so I will be missing a huge chunk of new but very relevant evidence. We can't get the date changed this close now. I've got a snowball's chance in hell of winning with what I have (given it wasn't bad enough for them in the first place). Never mind, back on good old Valium to get me through this. And my FB.

Hang in there everyone (well, the majority of my Flist is having a hard time!).
Good going for you if you're not though, long may it continue and all that *nods*.

From: [identity profile]

You hang in there too! Hopefully the prep will go well tomorrow, despite the very short notice.

From: [identity profile]

You too babe. All the very best with the tribunal.

From: [identity profile]

Any chance the bastards screwed up and sent the info to your previous address? They do have a reputation for being useless wankers. How did CAB know? When did they know?

I'd really like to give those responsible at the Department of Wankers and Procrastinators the Broccoli treatment. Grr.

Good luck with the tribunal.


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