Well, that was the decision by the Tribunal, it can still be contested by the DWP but they didn't send a rep to the meeting. I'll know if there's any issue within the next three weeks.
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From: [identity profile] strangelover.livejournal.com

Woo! Fingers crossed they don't contest and you can start breathing easier.

From: [identity profile] needler.livejournal.com

Hoorah, go you *fingers crossed it all continues well!*

From: [identity profile] jozafeen.livejournal.com

Yay! I do hope they don't contest - it must be such a relief! xx

From: [identity profile] drfairlyevil.livejournal.com

You must be much relieved. I find the notion of not sending a representative and later lodging a protest quite insulting, let's hope the tribunal feels the same way should this happen.

From: [identity profile] ladykomachi.livejournal.com

Absolutely brilliant and much deserved.

Big Hugs

From: [identity profile] vodkafrenzy.livejournal.com

Thank F*** for that! *phew* I bet you let out the longest sigh of relief! Fingers crossed the next three weeks will pass without issue and things can get back on track a wee bit.

From: [identity profile] daevid.livejournal.com

Brilliant news :) and fingers crossed that the DWP do not contest it...

From: [identity profile] happyblade.livejournal.com

I'm going to go after DLA now! Wish me luck! If they don't contest it and I get everything back and am considered too incapacitated to work by the Tribunal, perhaps I'll get it! I already have an expert lined up to help with that so fingers crossed. Although I'm told every new DLA application is denied in the first instance, prompting appeals which will put some off already. It'll be another battle but I'm better equipt to deal now.

From: [identity profile] fatenoir.livejournal.com


refresh? what does that mean exactly? its been so long.......

From: [identity profile] actionreplay.livejournal.com


Fantastic. I'm so glad.

From: [identity profile] luckylove.livejournal.com

*fingers crossed that they don't contest it*

I've been thinking about you a lot this week and would've texted you if you hadn't posted anything about this.

From: [identity profile] ammos.livejournal.com

hope you do get it. Do they backdate it? Hugs!