So, one of my babies, who I met when I initially moved here had news to drop on me tonight.
He became one of my babies when we met on my arrival here and we talked about the loss of his parents, and being the main care taker of his younger siblings along with his Nan...who died a couple of days ago.......and he had a daughter who he took on just before that [Martha, her name was] who had a cot death........then, he just got the news he has lung cancer - inoperable....could be 6 months...could be longer.....and he's 19. Well, he has nobody and is now worried about how his younger siblings will be cared for when he can no longer take it on.

Anyway, I said I'd do anything within my power to help. Including doing all the hospital trips with him. He's scared of hospital, petrified. He's been through so much, and he's just a kid himself. He's also a wee goth. That makes 4 goths with terminal cancer that I know now, only three of them really well.

This morning, I am especially gutted.

Still haven't slept.

The fb is still behaving strangely. Other people are now amazed and we now reckon she might be seeing/sensing things we aren't fully sensing.

I'm *so* now going to arse the beers in the fridge.
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