I've just read that some folks are getting together through WGW to get a memorial bench in Whitby and maybe plant a tree or two if they raise enough for that unfortunate goth lass, Sophie Lancaster, who, like so many people (alternative types or not) wasn't safe walking around her neighbourhood. Apparently the bench is going to cost £1600!

Personally, I think that although it's a lovely idea, I don't agree with getting a bunch of strangers to donate money for a bench in memory of person they didn't even know. If there should be any reason for asking for donations for anything, surely it should be for something that could make a difference...like a charity that could help raise awareness of such crimes or help the victims?

This past week has been spent working on custom stuff however I did find the time to make the rose/blossom bracelets as planned. The picture shows some close-up detail. Clicky on the picture to investigate. The rose bracelets can be found under bracelets/wire wraps [ladies] 2. There are several close-up shots of each piece. Happy browsing!


  • All items are sent out in scented pouches and gift wrapped in contrasting tissue, finished off with ribbon as standard.

  • Gifts can be gift wrapped with a message card and sent to the recipient of your choice, anywhere in the world. Please email for this service provided at no extra charge.

  • Overseas customers (outside the UK) please email for currency conversion and shipping.

  • Any questions? Feel free to comment or email! :)

P.S. Remember I'm away from 14-19 September. I'll not be posting any orders placed after 10am today until the 20th.

X-posted to death!
Can anyone tell me who DarklordV is?
This person says I apparently owe him money, and they are threatening to do all sorts to me. As far as I know I don't owe anyone anything at all. I'm really confused.
Apparently they were PMd by someone from the pub I work in......but I don't work anywhere.....
Just what I need at the moment huh?!

I found this out through an anonymous comment on an older public post I did so I don't even know who to ask.

Any info gratefully received. Comments are screened.
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( May. 6th, 2007 11:08 am)
My phone was stolen yesterday. It was my own fault for leaving it unattended (well, my friends were sitting at the table - it's easy to lift something so small when nobody is paying attention! it could have been my handbag!) I'm awaiting a new sim and am off to try and get a new handset today. When I get this, I will post here so that anyone who actually reads this can text me their name so I can have you in my phone book again OR I'll post with screened comments for those of you with no credit or whose number I may not already have. I'm going out for a new handset later. I can't be without a phone this week because I have an event at the weekend and need to be available at a moments notice for many things. It always happens when you least need it to! AND it's a bank holiday - I can't see it affecting the post, but apparently everyone says it will. GRRRR! (I always thought the PO and banks did the holiday think different, the PO was always open on a BHM when I worked for a bank!)
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( Apr. 20th, 2007 03:51 pm)
I am not dead or anything.
I have been a bit busy with the organising of social stuff offline and my friends upcoming engagement party.
I always do this whole biting off more than I can chew thing! Tonight I have to stay in and make 200+ individual invitations! Each one has different names on and then has to be chopped to A5 size. It's gonna take me hours!

I thought I might just stay in the house today altogether but I have a craving for boiled egg salad sandwiches with salad cream on. This would mean going out to the shop.

ION I lost the bar in my face the other day and was too busy to have the time to reopen it, so I went back to the piercing place and had them re do it for me. A single tear escaped from each eye this time because it hurt having the needle going through the scar tissue *shudder*. It'll heal faster than it did first time round though. Nosta!
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( Oct. 9th, 2006 05:00 am)
I don't add people just because they've added me. I'll only add people I know or have an actual connection with. If I've added you already, you know me. :)