OK, so I like to have nice soft loo roll, having a bit of a messed up digestive system, I'm really not up for using cheap stuff because a roll of it disappears after you've blown your nose a couple of times and it's a bit harsh on the skin if it's raw, not to mention it falls apart rather than absorb anything.

So anyway, I share a house now and am prone to buying large multi packs of quality loo roll anyway - always have been. It'll usually be packs of 12 for the price of 9 Andrex, or the store brand that's basically the same stuff.

So I noticed my housemates with their healthy digestive systems were using 5 of these quality rolls to my 1. (there are two of them). I happened to mention it and now we're buying our own loo roll.

They say that it's better value to buy 4 rolls of the cheap no frills stuff (y'know, it looks a bit like mini flimsy kitchen roll) over and again rather than buy larger packs of the good quality stuff.

Of course, my needs aside, I still consider the better quality stuff to be better value.

So! What do you think?

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From: [identity profile] strangelover.livejournal.com

The supermarket I use doesn't have an own brand loo roll, but I'd much rather buy the decent stuff. Though when I was sharing with my old flatmate she used SO much of it, it was crazy. To this day, I still wonder what the hell she did with it.

From: [identity profile] fatenoir.livejournal.com

i get a really nice 6 pack at the pound store - it actually is soft - im spoiled by nice tp from home....i cant do cheap feeling tp
but push comes to shove i will by cheaper to save money - thankfully with the pound store i dont have to tho.

From: [identity profile] delanthear.livejournal.com

I buy the biggest pack of quality that has a buy x get y offer on.

From: [identity profile] actionreplay.livejournal.com

I have a robust digestive system (think something that would make Gillian McKeith ecstatic) and so, if this isn't TMI, not a lot of mopping up is required. Ahem. So I use the cheap crap stuff.

I have on various occasions where my digestive system was a tad delicate wished I had nicer loo roll though.

From: [identity profile] guyinahat.livejournal.com

Aloe Vera every time
Cuz my bum's worth it!

From: [identity profile] clockwork-satan.livejournal.com

I think you should get a special bog-roll locker in the bathroom, where you can safely store your precious fluffy bum-friendly bottom tissue, away from the greedy bottoms of your flatmates.

In terms of the stuff [livejournal.com profile] ishkhara and I buy, it's usually of the slightly soft but slightly harsh Lidl variety. It's nice to have multiple-ply bum couture (the cat makes good for bottom relief... Which sounds bad and wrong) but it's not considered a necessity by us.

From: [identity profile] xp8.livejournal.com

Go for the best your, uhm, assets ask for and can permit, and keep them to yourself. I am never going back to flat sharing...
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Snowflake: Supermarket recycled.

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i have this theory that if you aren't willing to treat your bum good, why should anyone else? i always buy quality.