So, like Avian Flu, another man made virus kills a few folk, infects a few more and it's a health emercency.
It appeared on 14th April and lo, there's a huge health emergency in the US when about 20 people get infected and none of them die, a few other folk from around the world have contracted it but seem to have only "mild symptoms". How does that remotely constitue an iminent pandemic? Freaking out the world for the flu. Why? Many thousands die from your common-or-garden flu all over the world every year.

The official reported death toll in Mexico is seemingly nothing compared to the actual death toll reported by hospital staff. Seems odd that it's killing loads in Mexico but elsewhere symptoms are mild.

So who is telling the truth?

Are people just being paranoid, throwing around these ideas or is there some sinister agenda behind it all? I've turned up all sorts of theories on the tinterweb.

Was it an accident where someone accidentally got themselves infected in a lab somewhere?
Was it manufactured and put out there in order to get the phamaceutical companies more money? After all it's well known that large pharmaceutical companies and world government have many people in common.
Was it manufactured to kill, incite panic and have people clamouring for vaccinations that will do them more harm than good.
Is it an exercise to pull people into order through fear?
Is it population control?
Is it a practice run for something worse yet to come, to see how well it works and how it is handled?
Was Avian Flu a practice run for this?
Is a bacon butty safe?!
What about chimichanga?!
Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? Is it a hat? Is it a sandwhich?

What do you think?

Also, a quick poll:

[Poll #1391776]

I'm really interested in what people think and what they would do. I've made the post public and the poll open to all.
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( Apr. 4th, 2009 05:51 pm)
Having a wee cull. I reckon there are many people who no longer read me and never post or I have zero connection with any more.
If you think I've made a mistake once this has been done, leave a comment on this post and I shall rectify the situation.

EDIT: Complete
So, the question is, do you believe in such things?

There have been some strange goings on with me lately and I iwll post about them but only to those that aren't going to scoff at what I have to write.
I shall filter the post accordingly.
OK, so I like to have nice soft loo roll, having a bit of a messed up digestive system, I'm really not up for using cheap stuff because a roll of it disappears after you've blown your nose a couple of times and it's a bit harsh on the skin if it's raw, not to mention it falls apart rather than absorb anything.

So anyway, I share a house now and am prone to buying large multi packs of quality loo roll anyway - always have been. It'll usually be packs of 12 for the price of 9 Andrex, or the store brand that's basically the same stuff.

So I noticed my housemates with their healthy digestive systems were using 5 of these quality rolls to my 1. (there are two of them). I happened to mention it and now we're buying our own loo roll.

They say that it's better value to buy 4 rolls of the cheap no frills stuff (y'know, it looks a bit like mini flimsy kitchen roll) over and again rather than buy larger packs of the good quality stuff.

Of course, my needs aside, I still consider the better quality stuff to be better value.

So! What do you think?

[Poll #1331636]
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 12:53 pm)


Well, that was the decision by the Tribunal, it can still be contested by the DWP but they didn't send a rep to the meeting. I'll know if there's any issue within the next three weeks.
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( Jan. 14th, 2009 11:54 am)

My tribunal is tomorrow. Spoke to a couple of people that have been through them first hand yesterday. I'm bricking it.
Hmm, it's another year.
I've been sick.
I've been stressing.
I've been dealing with various traumas.

I didn't forget all the stuff everyone else was dealing with between the fully stocked freezer breaking down and the burst pipe in the upstairs bathroom or losing my first possible paying job of the year. My thoughts were in fact out there with some of you, still are.

I do however get cross-examined by the Tribunal next Thursday - I still haven't had my letter, effectively giving me ZERO notice. I found out because one of the blokes at the CAB called to tell me. I've got a half hour window to meet him and do prep tomorrow morning. My CPN is away on holiday and doesn't return until the day before. I'm seeing another medical consultant on the same day...AFTER the damn Tribunal so I will be missing a huge chunk of new but very relevant evidence. We can't get the date changed this close now. I've got a snowball's chance in hell of winning with what I have (given it wasn't bad enough for them in the first place). Never mind, back on good old Valium to get me through this. And my FB.

Hang in there everyone (well, the majority of my Flist is having a hard time!).
Good going for you if you're not though, long may it continue and all that *nods*.
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( Jan. 1st, 2009 12:00 am)
Happy New Year Scones.
How Embarrassing!

Idiot technophobes. You know, out of the whole town, there are (according to the group themselves) 164 anti wi-fi people, and the majority of them are so airy fairy and easily lead, have done zero reserarch, they don't actually know what it is they are protesting against.

I know the bloke who makes the Orgone Generators - he's making a killing.
So, Thursday was ok, my housemates insist on doing the whole gift opening thing with everything boxed up so you can't guess what it is etc.
It was kinda nice but very odd for me given I've spent my last few December 25ths with just my Fluffy Baby Skitzocat.

We had 5 folk round who don't usually do Christmas because of the awful things that have happened to them on or around that day and the fact that everyone is so utterly skint they don't usually manage to eat or pay their bills. They're stuggling worse than we are and that's saying something. However, we had a good feed and managed to have a nice day and forget about how crap life is being to us all right now. It was nice to see them all having a laugh. My fridge magnets (loads of cats, spiders, a few other fluffy ones and a load of glow-in-the-dark letters) were an endless source of amusement for some reason.

I was devastated at one point because my Skitzocat had a bit of a turn where her back legs seemed to have gone. She has been contorting a bit with her overgrooming so we think she just stretched one of her back legs a bit too far and got a muscle pull/cramp as she was falling over on one side. Of course, the first thing I did was panic because I haven't seen her like that before. She has a ravenous appetite as usual and her coat is shiny and she still leaps about everywhere so she's ok. I just completely freaked and was sobbing uncontrollably. Have I mentioned that he FB is my life? She's what's kept me goimng through everything, if it wasn't for her, I'd have given up on living so many times. I have to remember she's about 14 now though, not a kitten anymore. And like older people, she will get stiff and find it harder to get around.

So today, I come into town and immediately met a friend who rescued an abused 12 week old puppy, cigarette burns on his wee paws. She's kept him with her dog and three cats over the festive period, but it's going to the animal sanctuary tomorrow if it can't be rehomed. My housemates have been asking if they could have a dog for ages but I've said not until Skitzocat gets settled more. She's started warming to them at last but I still worry. However seeing as this wee thing is only 12 weeks, it's young enough to train and get used to Skitozocat. We can't really afford another mouth to feed...but....
I'm wondering if taking the puppy in would give Skitzo a new lease of life? Maybe once she gets used to it, she'll want to mother it? Maybe they'll play? Anyway, long and short is that I called the housemates and asked what they thought, knowing full well they'd flip in a positive way. We're meeting the pup later today, I'm meeting it before they come down though. I really want to be able to re-home the wee thing but I still have that reservation about it because of the Skitzocat being a grumpy old lady who hasn't been in good health.

Thoughts anyone?
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( Dec. 21st, 2008 02:29 pm)
It's solstice, a big day in Glastonbury so I extend solstice blessing to you all.
Everything here feels oddly calm here despite the fact I'm wiped out and in pain to the extent I'm just numb. Running on fumes.
I'm watching loads of people with bags full of Christmas shopping and although it isn't everything, I wish I could afford to participate in that whole gift buying ritual. It makes me a bit sad that I can't. At least I get to help a few more people out on the day.
I recorded Gremlins last night, that should make it all better *nodnod*

Thanks for the cards so far guys, I've also got stuff to pick up from the postal depot tomorrow.
Also, I'll check my landline messages tonight. All the ringers are off except one that has no "off" and is down to the lowest volume. My housemates have told me the phone has been ringing. I haven't been brave enough to check the messages for the last few days. The 4-5 calls a day from British Gas will probably mean at least 20 silent messages from them and a few asking me to call them back and give them money. However, I know that amongst these are a few from friends. I will get on it soon, promise.
Today was a housebound day. Cannae walk. Meh

British Gas have been hounding me for money I don't have. I told them the CAB will be dealing with it but they still continue to call me 4 times a day with silent calls followed by one auto-call that tells you to call them back. I've been so stressed I've been harming again. I have all the phones in the house swithced off now. you call, I'll get back to you if you leave a message when I'm eventually brave enough to check messages.
The CAB are threatening British Gas with legal action for harassment because they have been informed that their tactics are causing me great distress and yet still they say that even if some payment plan for my final bill from the last place is put in place, the daily calls will continue until the full balance is paid.

I had a visit from my CPN today who is sending me off to see some super-shrink for scrutiny. This is in January. Meh.
My CPN is a bit worried that the system has left me on Reduced Rate Income Support (£44.80 pw) for five months (will deffo be 6 but is looking like 7) saying that usually these things are dealt with within a three month period. She's chasing the CAB appeal specialist to get them to chase a Tribunal date for me - that's right, I still don't have one. My housemates are making up the shortfall in my rent. The reason I moved was because I thought a cheaper rent would help but no. I'm told a further claim for DHP would not be awarded, so if I were living with strangers, I'd be on the streets.
So, here I am with a useless body and a head fried beyond repair, on the verge of starving in order to meet existing bills and feed my cat. It was only yesterday I had someone ranting at me for fleecing the system, telling me that people like me get way too much and I was obviously healthy and lying like the rest of the leeches and should get a job. I was equated with one of the street alcoholics. Does anyone else share that opinion?

I gave my wee starving artist friend (he lives in a tent and is another one the system destroyed) his new boots and he's over the moon. Now he doesn't have to have wet feet all the time. He's coming to our place on Christmas Day to get fed. I'm a bit worried about his health right now so we will hopefully talk him into going back to the doctor if he's not already done so after our badgering. We also have another stray coming on the day and are waiting to hear from a couple more.

It's a horrible time of year for people in some circumstances and we're not celebrating Christmas as much as making sure some vulnerable people aren't left alone with their thoughts on a day when the rest of the world shoves a bunch of money fuelled, tinsel covered crap down their throats.
My CPN is on emergency call out over the period, as are most of her team. The suicide rate rockets about now, as does the number of calls to the emergency helpline.

I'm sorry, but I'm not really in a good place for sharing in the Christmas fluffiness.
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( Dec. 13th, 2008 03:01 pm)
Just had to repost after seeing this on a community - Urban Knitting.
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( Dec. 8th, 2008 12:53 pm)
Hey people (Well, anyone out there actually still reading these days - I was away for having no internet access and have been stressed, and juggling very ill and busy! I'm sorry! Or maybe I did something else wrong?)

Hope you're all getting sorted for the festive season. If anyone ready my last post you'll know that myself and most of my friends are having a seriously barren Christmas due to the lack of cash. I did manage to buy a pair of shoes for that poor starving artist guy so he'll have dry feet now! I'll be eating my frozeries stock for the rest of the week though!
In light of this, no Christmas cards will be going out to anyone. Apologies again for anyone expecting cards, but when I'm surrounded by people who can't afford to feed themselves or afford just one set of weatherproof clothes because the system let them down, I can't justify it. I'd rather go without myself for putting what little I have into something worthwhile and in my world right now, sending Christmas cards doesn't rate at all on the list of things that must be done.

I know cards can bring smiles but the cost per pack of cards is a meal to some of these people. I know I can't help everyone, hell, I can't even pay my bills, but I'm not going to be wasteful here. Most of you will be having some kind of Christmas dinner with gifts etc in a warm, decorated home somewhere (and good for you if you have that! you probably worked very hard for the priveledge!) surrounded by bits of colourful card that won't even be recycled and will end up in the bin.

Oops, I've ranted a bit - sorry! (nobody is reading anyway! lol!) All I basically wanted to say was that I'm not sending any cards and tell you why!
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( Dec. 7th, 2008 01:04 pm)
Hey Scones! I'm sort of back online again, broadband has been sorted at the house but I've been a bit too busy to get online and say anything.
My housemate Dororthy is all frustrated because I won't let her put any decorations or the tree up until the 13th, in the states, she used to put them up for Thanksgiving and leave them up until the end of January!

The housemates were all excited after they installed Skype last night and talked to people back home. I guess I might get to using it to call some of you eventually. I never seem to have time though. Everything is such an effort right now with the cold weather slowing me down somewhat. I've been trying to get some wee graphics and web jobs to help meet the ever increasing bills and not finding any balance between work and rest, treading water.

Been getting used to my scooter though. I was able to get out on it for two days in a row seeing as we had two days without rain. I'm learning how many trips I can get out of one battery charge etc. He has a name now (chosen by my crazy friend Julia - her car is called Bubble, nuff said!) he's called Marvin and he's British Racing Green :) He can do 0-5.5mph in 30 seconds! I've not been going out with the basket on the front though, I'm still feeling a bit like a granny and the basket (although black) just adds more of a granny element. Mind you, I really still need to get a canopy for it so that I have the freedom to go out on rainy days. They cost a small fortune but hopefully I'll have one by the Summer if things get any better financially. I have to thank everyone who helped again for helping me have this freedom, I'd be stuck indoors all the time and wouldn't be able to network for wee jobs or help anyone else. I really appreaciate it.

Skitzocat had her first wee trip out in the garden this morning in the thick frost. She was smelling the other three cats that frequent our garden I guess from the funny wee noises she was making. She made a bid for freedom so I had to tackle her to get her back in the house. Now she's had a taste she's going bananas trying to get out of the back door and the patio doors! We have to get more fencing up before we can let her out there and she'll always have to be supervised. She hasn't been a well kitty lately so I need to keep a close eye. She's settling in still, slowly.

I have missed a lot of LJ, almost a month, so I won't read back all that way, no time. If I missed anything important, do shout at me.

I do know a few people are having a particularly hard time and I wish there was something I could do. I'm already spreading myself a bit thin trying to help people with various situations here. Although my situation is still a bit dire with the illness and the financial issues (still not had my tribunal date, still trying to get by on under £50 per week - that's been since July and I never see it, it all gets eaten by direct debits.) and Christmas looking like a barren one; I'm seeing lots of people round here struggling, too. I've been trying to help them in any way I can whether it's buying the ones on the street a hot drink or giving free stall space to the ones that do handcrafts to try and make them some cash, keeping an eye for things on freecycle to grab things for folk who have no money and no internet access and then getting it to them. One of our local homeless charities has gone down due to funding being pulled (it's said in favour of the 2012 Olympics thing) and that has had a major impact on the more needy people here. However, there is a bit of a culture of mucking in together here that I haven't seen anywhere else in a long time. It's amazing.

My latest mission is to find a pair of size 7 walking boots for one of our starving artists who lives in a tent, the ones on his feet are his only pair of shoes and they are letting in badly now. I'm helping in the shop today, I get £30 for that, then if I get some sales at market on Tuesday I should be able to afford some. I filled the freezer up over the last few weeks so I won't starve. He's such a lovely bloke and I think it's bad that anyone should be in a position where they can't afford a decent pair of footwear. I know I've got plenty footwear, what about you?

Anyway, I have a few things to be getting on with. I shall update again when I have time, hope you are all better/well.

~ Sharon XX
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( Nov. 21st, 2008 11:27 am)
I am still alive, I have moved house AGAIN and am settling in well. Still feel a bit like I'm on a self catering holiday with the housemates. The housemates are Dorothy and Brian, a married American couple who I've been working on the Arts Market with since April. We get on pretty well and will be doing some projects together. The house is big enough so that we can all have our own space. The FB is settling in well although she still gets a bit of anxiety if I go out.

I have enough money to get a second hand mobility scooter without a warranty so I am looking into that now, although decent ones that can manage the steep and hilly terrain here are far from ten a penny. I also need a canopy for the foul weather - something I've seen more of living in this part of England than I ever saw in Edinburgh - I can't afford one just now though so when I get my scooter I'll be confined to indoors unless it's nice out.

BT made a screw up with the switch over of my phone lines, so my broadband has been delayed. Yup, I'm updating via dial-up. Virtually nothing will load properly and everything takes an age to do! I'm hoping I'll have my set up stuff in the next couple of days so that I can get on with the huge pile of work I have fallen behind with.

I haven't been taking pictures because the house isn't fully set up the way I want it to be and I haven't any money to get the things I'd like to make the place more like home.
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( Dec. 2nd, 2007 11:39 am)
Right, Ghost Busters!
Under the cut are photographs of my bathroom for the purposes of people having a guess at a rational explanation for the Mysterious Flying Jar. I put everything back to the way it was which wasn't easy because the perfumes balance on the edge kept falling off.

Read more... )

So, one of my babies, who I met when I initially moved here had news to drop on me tonight.
He became one of my babies when we met on my arrival here and we talked about the loss of his parents, and being the main care taker of his younger siblings along with his Nan...who died a couple of days ago.......and he had a daughter who he took on just before that [Martha, her name was] who had a cot death........then, he just got the news he has lung cancer - inoperable....could be 6 months...could be longer.....and he's 19. Well, he has nobody and is now worried about how his younger siblings will be cared for when he can no longer take it on.

Anyway, I said I'd do anything within my power to help. Including doing all the hospital trips with him. He's scared of hospital, petrified. He's been through so much, and he's just a kid himself. He's also a wee goth. That makes 4 goths with terminal cancer that I know now, only three of them really well.

This morning, I am especially gutted.

Still haven't slept.

The fb is still behaving strangely. Other people are now amazed and we now reckon she might be seeing/sensing things we aren't fully sensing.

I'm *so* now going to arse the beers in the fridge.
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( Sep. 29th, 2007 10:32 pm)
Change the law

An online petition has just been posted to try to amend the current wording of the way in which a case is judged to be a hate crime. At present the wording is a little vague and someone has decided this needs changing and put the petition online here

I'd appeal to all of you reading this that are based in the UK to sign it, you may be thinking that things like this don't change anything, but Colchesters' MP Bob Russell thinks different, and is currently taking this issue up with the Home Secretary, so signing this petition is important. If the law is changed then it will means harsher sentences for crimes perpetrated against someone because of the way they look or dress.

Go sign it and bulletin it and spread it around where you think it will be seen.