So, like Avian Flu, another man made virus kills a few folk, infects a few more and it's a health emercency.
It appeared on 14th April and lo, there's a huge health emergency in the US when about 20 people get infected and none of them die, a few other folk from around the world have contracted it but seem to have only "mild symptoms". How does that remotely constitue an iminent pandemic? Freaking out the world for the flu. Why? Many thousands die from your common-or-garden flu all over the world every year.

The official reported death toll in Mexico is seemingly nothing compared to the actual death toll reported by hospital staff. Seems odd that it's killing loads in Mexico but elsewhere symptoms are mild.

So who is telling the truth?

Are people just being paranoid, throwing around these ideas or is there some sinister agenda behind it all? I've turned up all sorts of theories on the tinterweb.

Was it an accident where someone accidentally got themselves infected in a lab somewhere?
Was it manufactured and put out there in order to get the phamaceutical companies more money? After all it's well known that large pharmaceutical companies and world government have many people in common.
Was it manufactured to kill, incite panic and have people clamouring for vaccinations that will do them more harm than good.
Is it an exercise to pull people into order through fear?
Is it population control?
Is it a practice run for something worse yet to come, to see how well it works and how it is handled?
Was Avian Flu a practice run for this?
Is a bacon butty safe?!
What about chimichanga?!
Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? Is it a hat? Is it a sandwhich?

What do you think?

Also, a quick poll:

[Poll #1391776]

I'm really interested in what people think and what they would do. I've made the post public and the poll open to all.
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