Right, Ghost Busters!
Under the cut are photographs of my bathroom for the purposes of people having a guess at a rational explanation for the Mysterious Flying Jar. I put everything back to the way it was which wasn't easy because the perfumes balance on the edge kept falling off.

This is my bathroom looking in from the door, it's narrow and long.
I have two shower curtains that go all the way around the bath.
I always end up having to close them fully to stretch them out so as to avoid mildew and such. My lodger never does this but I'm really fussy about it. I was the last one in the shower that evening and I (sadly) always check to see if my products are being used. I know! Shut up! Anyway, I would have noted something out of place, but plainly, there is no room on the flat edges of the bath for any more shampoo/shower gel/shaving gel/conditioner/intensive conditioner etc. The rest of the edges are rounded and narrow so that nothing could be balanced on them anyway.


Here is the close-up of the pile of stuff. I haven't enough storage and have a bad habit of grabbing multi-buys. Now, my toothbrush (which I moved there temporarily because the lodger's sister knocked it into the sink) is resting in my tinting bowl which is sitting on top of the jar of scrub in question. The pile of stuff is so precariously balanced, it's like a game of Kerplunk!


Here is a close-up of the position the jar was in originally. It's been sitting for months untouched because I have an allergy to it. I use the tinting bowl daily to rinse suds from the sink and excess cat litter from loo after the daily scoopage. This is how I know the jar is always there, I put the tinting jar on top of it every day, well, sort of, it doesn't actually touch the jar because it gets lodged between the other stuff but I can still clearly see the jar every time I lift the bowl and put it back.


I've pulled back the curtain here and placed the jar exactly as I found it. There was still a thin layer of dust on it, and no finger prints until I lifted it out of the bath after showing the lodger and her sister and grilling them about it.


And finally, here is the path the jar has to have travelled to get where I found it - off the cabinet - through the closed shower curtain - and up to the other end of the bath.
You can also see in the bottom left where the perfume has fallen off despite my carefully removing the jar. I know none of the girls went up to that end of the bathroom because the sister had the door open and because they were so drunk, if they'd lifted the jar from it's position, everything else would be scattered about.


Recap of events:

Lodger and her sister come in drunk, both used the bathroom once, the sister was so drunk she didn't even close the door or flush the loo - just had a pee and staggered into the lodger's bedroom, not to surface again until after I was up again. Actually, neither of then went near the bathroom again until after I was up and about for the day. They were both in bed and had stopped talking by around 03:30.

I used the bathroom at least twice after them before I went to bed with a book, the first of those is when I found my toothbrush in the sink, I'd heard it go in whilst the sister was trying to steady herself on the sink. The lodger was a bit less trollied herself (it was the sister's birthday but lodger was up for work at 11.) and was chatting to me in the hall saying not to mind her sister peeing with the door open! Bless.
Anyway, I washed the toothbrush and cleaned my teeth because I knew I'd be going to bed myself shortly, popped my toothbrush in the tinting bowl to keep it out of the way in case it got knocked over again. Nothing was amiss.

I finished working around 04:00 and used the loo before going to bed with my book. I'm really enjoying this book and have trouble putting it down. I was reading away with the house in silence apart from the fb purring at my side. My bedroom door is always open about a foot for the fb to get around. My bedroom is right next door to the bathroom. There is no lock on the door, so the rule is that it stands open unless it's occupied.

At 05:45 there was a loud clatter in the bath which startled the fb and I. I put it down to a shampoo bottle or shower gel bottle falling off the edge.

I put the lights out at about 06:15-06:30 and lay in the dark for a while.
I gave up on sleeping and got up again at about 08:45. Then I went to the loo and thought I would see what had fallen in the bath earlier and put the bottle back on the flat edge. The shower curtain was still closed.

When I pulled the curtain back, there was the jar sitting upright. My heart leapt in my chest because it was so strikingly out of place. On closer inspection, I could still see the thin layer of furry dust and noted there weren't any fingerprints. Then I looked at it's usual resting place and noted that everything else was sitting exactly where it was.

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